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Mariana's Trenchcoat Lyrics

Adventurer – Mariana's Trenchcoat Lyrics

Her walls scream disaster
And I wouldn't put it past her to pull you in
My heart beats faster, and I know I'm not getting sleep tonight
The taste of your skin lingers in my head
She screams from my bed, she sits on my head
I can't even sleep when you're tangled with me
I like how you shake when you're wrapped in my sheets

I'm trying not to breathe, but I'm gasping and gaping at the seams
And you ask me, "What will it take for me to get inside your heart?
I'll slither my way in and tear it apart."

She sings to me, it's in my sleep, but you're not out here
I'm stuck here waiting

I've watched you slither out of every article of skin you wear
And my fingers sink so lightly
Between you and me, my fingers sink so lightly

She's on top of me
I never thought it'd be this way...
Now I have a choice to make
(I can barely breathe while she's on top of me
This is my memory.)

The cold sting of autumn is freezing me to you
I can't take it anymore
My lungs are so tired from contorting to amuse you

Lead me down again
I'm lost in my head
Dinner for one at the end of the night, in my bed
I am descending. x4

Everything we've put each other through, I swear I'd never fall in love with you, but I was wrong
So damn wrong
(I don't know what to say, you're so far away from me but I. Was. Wrong)

Backseat of your car, I'll be going hard
She'll be sitting pretty, swear I had it in me
I was wrong. So damn wrong
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