Turn your back
Catch it, Catch it -Fast
Turn your back
Scratch it, Scratch it - Now
Turn your back
Cut it, Cut it - Out
Turn your back
Shut it, Shut it - Up

Falling forward on your face
Do you ever feel misplaced
You can't find it cuz you lost it
You can't see it cuz you crossed it
All these words,
They sound the same
In the end a losing game
Slowing up and speeding down
I'm out of time, I'm out of tune
Parking lots filled with cars
Sirens ringing in your ears

Get the point get out of here
Turn your back, Heart attack

You sleep in a house,
With built in stairs
You're a corporate champion,
But no one cares
Tie your shoes so you don't trip
I can't go out, I think I'm sick
The clock stopped ticking long ago
I read it in the paper don't you know
Could've been me
Could've been you
Ne ne ne Ne ne ne
Tapping tables in four ways
Obstructing habits with your gaze
Might as well slip away
Turn your back, I'll attack
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Turn Your Back Lyrics

Adult. – Turn Your Back Lyrics