Spawn of s*** and abattoir semen.
Fuck humanity they will know that he is a demon.

Black Magick shoots through her veins, ripping c*** wide.
Narcotic fire, he's cumming from inside.

Black Magick.
Give me More... More... More

Birth canal is scabbed and bleeding.
Tomb of cocks and pustules seeping.
Emerging like an avenging angel, upon a gust of vaginal breath.
He ejaculates, as he tastes the c*** of the c***.
Oooh fuck yes, afterbirth, orgy, umbilical, autoerotic asphyxiation

You will be...

Crushed! By the fist of the master! X 8
Crushed! Crushed! Crushed! Crushed! Crushed!
By the fist of the master x 3

C*** c*** c*** c***

Sucking greedily upon the haemorrhaging c***, of the mother all pain.

The scent of mankind's weakness makes his c*** hard.
Humanity's a whorehouse.
Spineless fucks will pay his price.

Now all heed his worrds.
You are fucking scum.

You will gorge the juice of faggot's arseholes.
Bed the mongoloig and have it birth your rancid spawn.

All is your just crawl to him.
Your Lord.
Your Master.
Your Pimp.
Jesus fucking Christ.
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Birth Of Disease Lyrics

Adorior – Birth Of Disease Lyrics