Suppression has just begun
You never thought I was the only one
It's all so clear
But not obvious enough
To think of our little problems we've got

Wanted to spare you the truth
Took always care of you
And always showed consideration for you
It's exhausting to tell you these lies
You're not worth it anymore
It'll be better to leave in spite
And reach another shore

And I want, want,
Want something more to life
It might be something else to dive in
Won't let you waste my time
It might be the best to erase you from inside

(There must be something more to life inside)

From breaking it all apart
You sold your pride even your priceless thoughts
It comes to an end
But we don't reach anything
Nothing more to pretend
'cause right now I'm leaving

It's exhausting to tell...

And I want, want...
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Suppression Lyrics

Adore Me Not – Suppression Lyrics