Feat. Slash

There's a million things
I wish that I could say
To put back the scattered pieces
Of your heartbreak
All the stupid things
I wish that I could change
Can't go back and make it better again

Just don't ask me
And I won't lie to you
You're everything that's come undone
Give me a reason to believe
I'm getting through
Just don't ask me what I've done
And I won't lie to you

I'm really nothing without you
I've finally figured it out
But I'm everything when you're not around
A shadow of myself, yeah
I'm burning out
I'm the only thing
That's left of us now


Now you're saying goodbye
And it tears me up inside
(It tears me up inside)
Now you're walking away
But I can't let you go
Baby come back home

~Slash Guitar Solo~

Ahhh Hooo

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Just Don't Ask Lyrics

Adler – Just Don't Ask Lyrics