Father I beg can you help cuz it seems I can't help myself
I still feel the pain from these scars,
I wish karma wouldn't hit so hard

A hurricane came through the door and left confusion by my side
And the words that made me think left a bad taste in my mouth

I'm listening but can't hear a sound
Except the sound of you in my mind
Guilt has decided to stay; I'm the dirt I can't wash away

I was forgiven for my faults then cleaned the wounds by adding salt
And this time I'm not so sure cuz we've been down this road before

With closed eyes I see them clear; all the memories that we've shared
That I lost along with my pride but I hope you know that I tried

Now with foggy eyes I stare at the bottom of a glass
Filled me up with numbness to get a different point of view
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The Dirt You Can't Wash Away Lyrics

Adjusted – The Dirt You Can't Wash Away Lyrics