The worst has yet to come, stand rigid, stay strong.
Dark days and darker nights will taint your intention
And your conviction will weaken under the weight
Of this inevitable obscurity we all face
Reaching blindly into the dark
It's not hopeless
Even blind men have been known to see
With no beacon to guide you
You will surely be lost
Uncertainty has consumed you
Emboldening your fear
You have lost all hope
When breaching through the endless depth of black comes an omen of your fate
This is the day you die
Now rise
A light at last, and it is brighter than before
The tempo in your chest courses time through your body
Tributaries extend to your finger tips as they reach
To hold to love and to feel this life
You are born again, with a clear head and a steadfast new hope
For all those in the dark, your morning will come
For all those in the dark, a new day will come
A new day will come
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For All Those In The Dark Lyrics

Adelaide – For All Those In The Dark Lyrics