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#BLC (Ballin' Like Cano) Lyrics

Adamn Killa – #BLC (Ballin' Like Cano) Lyrics

Yea we Ballin like cano yea we ballin like cano
These boys they trickin to the cops damn boy like whatcha know
We on 48th n union these boys don't want smoke
Yea your bitch told me that she wanna meet the o
Yea your bitch told me that she wanna play that role
Yea we ballin like cano yea we ballin like cano
Yea I got a lot of shit yea I got a lot of hoes
Yea we ballin like cano yea we ballin like cano

(Verse 1: Adamn Killa)
Yea your bitch told me that she wanna meet the O
Yea your bitch told me that she wanna do that tho
650 for the kicks make girlfriends turn into hoes
It's always sunny when u hangin wit the o
And if it's not I got the Gucci kicks for those
I will never save a Thot man that's a big no no
I stay wit designer but u already know that tho
650 on me just might throw it on a hoe
I'm gettin all this gwop but I don't got no job tho
I'm smashin all these thots then I pass them all to bro
Man x got the pole n y'all run like scary hoes
And I'm getting raw as fuck and I put that on my soul
Nigga tried to charge 500 for a video fuck bro
Baseball or this rap shit man Im gone do both
You think I sold my soul way I'm ballin like cano
Got your bitch on me but she wanna do that tho


(Verse 2: Monster Mike)
Big Mike, still high finna tell them somethin
Smoke dope, fuck hoes, I don't tell them nothin
Clout boy, but I'm not a clout boy
Eatin like a fat boy probably need a bat boy
How I Ball Like Cano
They be tryna quit how they don't want the smoke
Rap niggas pressed they don't know what to do
But I know what to do
Tryna get fucked up probably pour up a deuce
Face that
197 lets go
East coast
They don't fuck with death row
They just be like take that
Get money Stain Gang bitch
Nigass like that shit
But these niggas ain't got a face tat
I was on ass on zack got it back
I ain't never goin back
Cuz its really not that broke shit is not this
Why you wife her? We be fuckin that bitch
I'm in love with the gwop, I don't fuck with that bitch
If I fuck with that bitch then that bitch give gwop
And that bitch give top, goin to the top so its straight
Philme bro mafuckas know its straight
Outside gettin money I dont know what to say
Say he want smoke he can get the shit today
Talkin bout now ain't nobody gotta wait
Thought he wasn't turning up nigga that's Nate
U philme
I can't go like that on bro
Nigga say he bitched me, shorty is lying on my soul
Squad get money in seattle we be ballin like Cano
Pay me crazy for these hits I be ballin Cano
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