Living in the shadows
No existence of light
Overseeing the dramatic arc from a covert loge
The mystery behind a deformed face
As a victim of fate covered by a capturing and suffocating mask

Oh, can you learn ever such a melody
Of a rolling ocean from your veins
How could I know the passion of the harmony
With no guiding angel in my dreams
Sharing my triumph!

Inner simple beauty and mesmerizing voice
Obsessed with a pure white heart of innocence
Singing through the mirror - a hypnotizing spell
Echoes from the walls of a dark lair
Luring duet between the beauty and the beast

Oh, now I've learned such a sacred melody
Of a rolling ocean from your veins
Find out the spring of divine harmony
In the river of time
A voice in the night
Makes a rough diamond shine

Now we can hear your resentful melody
Of a rolling ocean from your veins
Feel in your heart the approaching tragedy
Of the opening night
Chandelier high
Strains of the falling light from above
Chaos breaks and tears my soul
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Angel Of Music Lyrics

Adamantra – Angel Of Music Lyrics