Caution myself but I can't pretend
To understand or correlate
The warning signs are there in stride
But I am just not over it
It's all the people I know
That try to talk me down
From my place of observation
But I'm perched up high
Quite over you
Alive in deviation

Back for more betrayal
Seems I just can't get enough
But it's not like I can't dignify

Submission when it suits me

Better myself, than all of you
I like to split wide open
Take care of myself
Well why can't you
Clean me up for saturdays
Although it's closing time
My sight's renew
At the thought of a vacation
But as I'm left behind
I'm overjoyed to dig in even deeper

Oh, why can't I keep up with you?
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Heavens To Murgatroid Lyrics

Acumen Nation – Heavens To Murgatroid Lyrics