This is the closed session
That beautiful she

She got the that
Out of running
Honey smell like some mormel milk
Glaving and the coco nip
How about the pogo stick?
No mind, yeah?
She's only here for taking photos
Shit unless you want to jumping in
All on the lo/lo
I love you pussy
Lips the fact and the shape of them
And plus they have a little shake to them.
Many time for shaking them
And proper you,
Said legends to the doctor.
Many time in the last years
Keep the flash near.

This year I1ve took a honey flight
Which means my girl cry all the nights
Honey croopy cause I've gave he pipes
But I still have time to give my paper right.
Big money only tell them
Only count to paund
Man I swear to God this life is waw
You be creative and they take your stile
Lot of bitches I have names and now

You've got me feeling so fine
And I can hardly find the time
To now I forget the lie
So sit yourself down and
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Dear Heather Lyrics

Action Bronson – Dear Heather Lyrics