(Years ago they created a new way to kill more innocents. Children. Elders.
Women. Bombs fall like rain from the sky filling the rivers with innocent blood.)

Change of evolution
Enjoy your demolition
Massacre of a generation
And death's bell is still ringing

They want to kill
The rest of you
They came for me
But we're much stronger
They start the war and we pay the dues
No we won't fight any longer

Dreams of change
To see you die

A Demolition

They've got the power
To control my fate
I'd rather die
Than disintegrate

And I will fight
Until the end of this
Just set me free
And let me breathe

One step to the victory
One step to the death

My child is crying
My child is starving
His mother's heart
Inside is burning

They stole my land
They stole my home
They ripped my flesh
And stripped my bone

Dreams of change
Just to see you die
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Massacre Lyrics

Acrassicauda – Massacre Lyrics