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24 Radical Questions Lyrics

Acid Drinkers – 24 Radical Questions Lyrics

Is this the man we made
What's this image displayed
Does money serve it
Why'd we turn the world to s...
What bands play for money
What bands play for cash
Am I a real artist
Or just a heap of trash
Are s...kickers too cool
Is religion just a crutch
DO all Europeans wear suits
Why do I drink too much
Why do I obey my father
If he's only a classless drunk
Are whores working girls
Or just some worthless punk
Can killing be right and wrong
Do I kick skins in the nuts
Is suicide just an escape
Do I beat the weak in nuts
Do I shoot my head off
When I've had enough of life
Do I shoot her head off
When I find she's someone's wife
Will there be a war again
Should I fight or should I run
If I run should I go to the can
Will the chinks blow the megaton
Do I kill for money
Or because of the cause of war
If I'm a politicain
Do I steal like the ones before
24 Radical Questions

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