I was born under strange auspices
Sagitarius showed the way - Gemini was
My guide. Twenty years - twenty flags of
Slavery, grave was my destiny, till
Tiphareth beckoned to me.
Three years of torment - Adeptus
Minor was my sign.
In Teutonic Lands I suffered
In Northern regions I froze,
I cried, I fought for an olive wreath.
A dead girl shown the way:
I joined my destiny.
I was prphesized Eternal to be.
A vision of Cold, a drop of myrrh,
A scent of rare incense.
I rose to fulfill my Prophecy.
I am Adam Kadmon.
The infinite and the null-
The Alpha and the Omega.
The mutated gene of the coming race.
Snakes entwined in an eternal solstice.
My beauty denies any description:
Mechanical to animical - samanistical to theatrical
Corporeal to astral - erotical to apocryphal:

My tower raping the sky!
My wheels crushing the kingdoms!
Behold! The winged skull rising!
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The Winged Skull Rising Lyrics

Acherontas – The Winged Skull Rising Lyrics

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