There are things I need to hear from you
So many thoughts to share,
Just don't push me away

I have fought and brought you to me.
Now I don't know how to feel.
Can you feel my heart breaking?

I know what I didn't before
I know you better then they do

Do you ever see me cry?
I don't mind if you took the time.

There is so much more
That I will not conceal.
My happiness turned cold

My time and life are more
Then what your eyes can see.
Now where's the rest of me?

Why can't I see the thing the way they are,
Not as a perfect picture in my head?
My love is dead.

I can not fight for you
My dreams they have come true
The love that I would share
With you has gone awayЁ

I will not fight for you
My wish it has come true
The love that I would share
With you is gone

I know so much is hard to believe
There will be no more mistakes.

Now there's nothing more I need from you,
And nothing left to say.
So I walk away

My luck don't seem to depend on you
My happiness prevails
That's all I will say.
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Happiness Prevails Lyrics

Acelsia – Happiness Prevails Lyrics