The type of nigga being person, try to make him self
'aitn no tell 'em he'll do for the paper
Soon flash, hush straight, I stay in my place
That day I was move from the ..
Turn up
They can't drive and make you feel some type of way
Say what?
They try to make you feel some type of way
The bitch I wake got me feeling some type of way
Is it cause my home it's rich you feel some type of way
Ooh sometimes away, make you feel some type of way
I'm in this bitch, when I feel some type of way
And niggas tripping make you feel that type of way
that type of way, make you feel some type of way
Wake up in a new hood that will feel some type of way
My roll trip in shit and work like sixty
Her nigga drop me, I might shot him in the face
'I ball those'
And they told they wanna fuck, 'aint got no time today
Chocolate nigga they just want that milky way
Man this bitch, ooh want a duck I swear'
So fancy she makes her needs ooh fuck
Make you feel sometime away
This bitch so dick, her ass might need a license plate
Nigga wrapping in that'all up in the line
Her nigga no try me I got dress no fucking fates
...but this niggas say
Run upon this niggas they can't stay
Shot up my haters, shot up the nations
Nigga what you rapping?
Congratulations, your pussy niggas, 'aint pussy niggas
They talk 'bout rap, 'aint call, won't shoot, no fucking tricks
Yeah, I'm talking L.A Leakers
I'm talking nigga 'aint legal
Yeah, I'm talking L.A Leakers
That pussy heard 'em talking 'bout old school beaters
Yeah I'm talking 'bout new school force
I'm getting so bored, let's get so bored
I'm tired to turn any day nigga's try to get straight
Are we tripping, are we do this type
Try all day, I don't stay nigga say where to '
'aint tripping I sing more '
I drop in top of my ..
These bad bitches make me feel some type of way
Bitches make you feel some type of way
I don't give a fuck I'm still getting that fucking cake
Nigga wanna bull 'aint shot go thirty cake
The Los Angeles Leakers
I'm talking thirty cakes
That shit 'aitn never change, you feel some type of way
Let's got this great, shot in power on six nigga
Its Ace Hood just incredible, L.A. Leakers
You feel some type of way, lift up, we're the best, we're up and better place
That nigga just renovate, my nigga, my nigga we bought the fucking place
And we got some paper place, and new for our escape
Hey, drive the privilege nigga, Julie sixteen, class, LA what up
Some type of way, rich home they do nigga, I made 'em feels some type of way
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Type Of Way Lyrics

Ace Hood – Type Of Way Lyrics