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Dungeon Crawling Lyrics

Accursed Wound – Dungeon Crawling Lyrics

Oh! Yeah!

Send by Queen Letish, beyond the stockade wall
Through haunted wilderness, to enter Belgor's hall
The coming days of darkness, you'll soon be underground
Retrieve the cursed Rock of Wyrm, what's lost will soon be found

Dungeon Crawliing...
Gold and glory can only be stolen,
But evil keeps it closely guarded.

Terror grows with every foolish step
Deeper into catacombs where ancient evil rests

Dungeon crawling.
The dead are coming.
Ahhh! Awaken souls of sinners.

"Did you hear that?"
"They won't take me alive."
"Honor in battle!"

From sweating walls the fiends set forth,
Brandishing sabers, and torches, and hooks.
The leader is bludgeoned and sent to the ground,
But the cowardous mage cannot speak a sound
The crushing of steel and the spilling of blood
These ghouls will surely drive them from here
But the foyer is blocked and the party is stunned
So further into the dungeon they run!

Your life will burn
For the Rock of Wyrm

(Battle sounds)

This gold and glory that can only which can only be stolen
This ancient Rock of Wyrm is mine to bestow them
These weary heroes they will soon be forgotten
Like all the rest that fall into my kingdom

One missing step and Fenghor falls into a spikey trap
A warrior crushed against the wall and slain by a demons jaw
Some can get lost and die in darkness all alone
Yet I am still upon my throne and goblins gnaw their rotting bones

Oh! Yeah! Oh!

Sent by Queen Letish to be my sacrifice
The hero's quest will end in death until again they rise

Dungeon Crawling...
The dead are coming!

Serve in afterlife to wage my sallow war
What praise they had for honor gone,
And only made to murder more

The evil's fallen
The undead army

Grow the pile of broken skulls
Of warriors and heroes who answered evil's call

This ancient Rock of Wyrm controls all the old 'uns
Their lives of glory, which can only be broken

Gold and glory can only be stolen
But evil keeps in closely guarded
This gold and glory, which can only be stolen
This ancient Rock of Wyrm is mine to beholden.
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