What's the matter at hand?
It's a matter of truth
And the matter with me
Is what's the matter with you.
As a matter of fact
It's a matter of sin
We need a savior.
So the matter at hand
Just a matter of time.
It's a matter of seek
And a matter of find.
Oh the blind
They need to see
They need a savior.


Do you know the heart of the matter?
Do you know what matters most?
Do you know what lasts forever
Is the Word of God and the souls of men?

So what matters to me
Is what matters to Him.
So the matter at hand
Is a matter of life
It's a matter of death
And a matter of sight.
Oh, the blind
They need to see
He is the Savior.
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Matter At Hand Lyrics

According To John – Matter At Hand Lyrics