The dawn of a new age of Hades
A cold sense from the nightside
Where darkness has come forth to reveal it's chill... !

As we pass beyond the night realm
Winds of time blow like the tides... !

Conjurations of ancient demons
To rise through the black of night
Appear before me... I command thee to rise... !

Summoned through astral powers
Eternal darkness I shall chant
Winds of the abyss... Reveal veils unseen
The essence of... Fire cleansing purity... !

I bring forth now the powers of evil...
Come forth now goddess of the night... !

The cold of the dark... !
Endless vast dimensions... !
Black diamond shining star... !
Nocturnal starwinds reveal... !

The gates unto the abyss unlocked
I call forth the celestial powers of the ancient ones
A sense of the ages through fire
Winds of creation cast through the Abysmal seas... !

Within the cold silence of night
Fires ablaze with smoke into the nightside... !

Conquering the quest for eternal darkness
Dynasty palace of hate and evil
Drifting away into the night we ride... !

In the dark of night's palace... Where it's cold and dark!
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Palace In The Fog Lyrics

Abyssmal Nocturne – Palace In The Fog Lyrics