Are we so feeble? Are we so low?
Do we believe all the crap we are taught?
They're playing the kings: shall we play
The scum?
Accepting the lowest. The worst is to come

We dare to think another way
No place for men like us
In their world of true lies
Africa dies from hunger, aids and civil war
It's the fate of billions of men they
Consciously underwrite

No desire - No inner fire - Life denial
- A total withdrawal

They decide what is right, what is wrong,
Who to pray
But we do not submit to their laws, to their rules,
To their standards.
They know we are the last hard core of freethinking
And they fear the network that's slowly spreading

Searching for more you are getting the least
And the least is the more you will ever get

Resist and think by yourself
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Primal Sin Crisis Lyrics

Abstract Rapture – Primal Sin Crisis Lyrics