Once more here I go
Stumbling through predictable lows
And I try to set aside
And see far past my time
Think again, enjoy this ride
The end remains unchanged

This bottle, a momentary fix
Consumes me and drains me into it
So I evade and break a smile
Soft surrender, to nothing,
Nothing and all
I’ll resolved one by one
All aligned
Rebuilding foundations swept away

All uncertain and unbound

Endings set in stone
Have fallen through
Collisions are unbound
And define you

Listen closely you can hear
Infinite paths, collide
Minute inputs, in time
Spreading wide
Unknown and amplified

So in absence of control of outcome
Who’s to say, the end can go your way

Take a step back and rethink this
Things don’t happen for a reason
But there’s a reason this all
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Alpha Omega Lyrics

Absolace – Alpha Omega Lyrics