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Bobbin Season Lyrics

Ablock – Bobbin Season Lyrics

( Chorus: )

All you bitches pay attention
I need that money fuck yo feelings
Can I get a witness
It's Robbin season, bobbin bitches
It's Robbin season, bobbin bitches
It's Robbin season, bobbin bitches
WOO, damn I'm 'bout my business
It's Robbin season, bobbin bitches

(Verse 1: Woo ) Yeah, it's robbin season keep that chrome tight
Chasing after money shit this finna be a long night.
Bunch of double o's so when I see you bitch it's on sight
Pass a couple bitches when I hit, she get that long pipe.
Like bang bang and I'm on it and I'm ridin' round wit my Billy's
Fuck, nigga talking that gangsta shit and I'm terrorizing yo city boy!
You ain't really gone pop nothing my young niggas gone pop something
Yo girl call for that late dick and I hit her ass before her pops come!

( Verse 2: Pound ) Robbin season give it up or them guards squeezing
Big bs yeah we blood leave a nigga bleeding
On that TLC shit late night I'm creeping
Out da A, we got cha main bitch freakin'
These niggas hidin', well these bullets fuckin' seekin'
My bitch a angel and me ima fuckin' demon.
Kickin' doors for the cash cause I really need it.
I could fuck any bitch cause I'm so conceited!


( Verse 3: Ruu ) It's robbin season bobbin bitches
When you see me know I'm gripping with these hoes I'm steady pimpin'
At the top yeah bitch I'm winning got that sour yeah that lemon
Know I got it if I'm limping. Sneak dissin hollows rippin
Naked bitches water whippin double cup lean I'm sippin'
A block I'm never flippin, all these niggas food they switchin'
Bitch I'm clean like them dishes wrist shinnin' get the wishin
Loud pack I know you listen!

( Pause )

( Verse 4: 808 ) Loud pack I know you listen, stay up out my business.
& she make me wanna kill her and I will not pay for dinner
808 I'm the reaper, man I'm too far off the meter
Head A1 think I need her, head A1 come be my teacher.
Treat me right, gotta please her, she got tricks, she a teaser
I can't trust no fuckin skeezer, let her go, I don't need her
Big b's, blowin reefer, red rag, damu leader
Ola love blood breeder, guards up, to my people aye!

( Chorus 2x )
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