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Let Them Outside Lyrics

Abk – Let Them Outside Lyrics

Never come outside
But you know that they want to
Never come outside
But you know that they want to

Jus moved on a new street
In a mutha fuccin suite
Liquor store right on the corner
Which is good because I drink
Had to move cuz my old crib was lookin all hit
Aluminum fallin off the sides like a snake does his skin
And where I'm at now it's so much better
Cept for the kids man they gotta get their shit together
Starin at me out their window all crazy
Never met me but they lookin like they hate me
What did the parents do to make these children so damn rude
Stuff em in the closet and beat they ass wit a shoe
The need to let em outside but it's like they neva do
So now these kids stare out they window and giv eme their attitude

Let em outside
Let em outside
Let em outside
Let them children play


I don't know whether I should leave or stay
Cuz if I take on too much I might go insane
Dude's dad is half my age
Locced in they home like a cage
Lookin out the she'd
It's like my whole bloccs been hypmotized
And now they tryin tog et to me with this glare from they eyes
Just beamin at this killa with their infored
Like I'm the main reason they on house arrest
I thought kids was spposed to have fun
Instead of bein all pale from never seein the sun
If it was me
I'd have to break free
Cuz life's too short not to be able to breathe


Why don't they come out
Let em out
Why don't they come out
Let em out
Why they look so lonely


Til end
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