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No Hook Lyrics

Abby Jasmine – No Hook Lyrics

Suck my... dick
Trap mom
Suck my motherfucking dick, I hate all y'all motherfucking hoes ya Oh my god bitch

[Verse 1]
I feel like a fucking savage
I dont love that nigga, love that nigga cuz he came with too much baggage
(He did)
Only bag I like is if its’s lavish
I just rolled an 8th in a wood, and I don't think I'm gonna pass it
Hop up out the caddy in new fashion
I feel like a princess got a white hoe sniffin’ coca in my palace
Fendi on my feet like its New Balance
Why she steppin' up to me like she a challenge
I need bout about a milli and it hit my balance
Wait did you get it?
I just left the bank wit' a stack, where yo bread is (hm)
I just see yo bitch with the gang, legs spreaded (What?)
Suckin on that dick like she tryna fix her credit (uh)
Don't clean up after dog niggas, they too messy (uh)
School a weak hoe, if she ever try to test me (uh)
Talkin' down on me, but they ain't never met me
Water on my wrist, ya I think I need a -

[Verse 2]
Pull up to the function, and I'm flexing on my exy
If you gonna try and diss me, say it with your chest B
Trying to link, I'm in the telly laid up with your bestie
If I get a nine I’m a motherfucking test it
Bitch, I’m balling harder than the motherfucking ESPYs
Catch me in the Tesla, rolling up in the backseat
Wait, whachu' doing (whachu doin’)
Took her to my blood house, and now she think she boolin'
Feel like Tom when I be crusin, who you foolin?
If I cared about you then I'm losin
Got a bad bitch, I just let her do all of the shootin
Who bitch
Bitch I'm Abby fucking Jasmine
What it do bitch
And I don’t gotta' move so cocky, but I do bitch
Vicey brought that hoe around like she a new bitch
But I just been looking at her like she a new lick

Eat a dick
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