I am the mask
I am the will of those that were
When time was not

I am the voice of those most ancient
Cloaked with chaos
Hiding amidst the stars

Priest of the ether
Dweller in the air
That hath many faces
That none shall recall

In the dreams of men
They know my whispers
Yet no man can know
My ever shifting forms

Hear the crawling chaos
That calls beyond the stars

The waves freeze before me
The gods dread my call

Wherever my footsteps turn
Surely men must die

Mightiest of messengers
Haunter of the dark
Stalker of the stars
The faceless god

Your cities will shatter
Your temples will fall
The sunken kingdoms
Will rise from the sea

I will set the stars
That open the portals
From the cosmic gulfs
My lieges shall return...
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The Chaos That Crawls Beyond The Stars Lyrics

Abazagorath – The Chaos That Crawls Beyond The Stars Lyrics