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Void Filler Lyrics

Abandoned By Bears – Void Filler Lyrics

You thought I was branded
You left me here anchored
And now I have a hard time
Feeling any sort of sympathy for you

Waste away, I hope you decay
You were nothing more than a big waste of my time
Big waste of my time

I took the shape of a void filler
That's all I was and that's all I'll ever be
Your black clouds always follow me
I'm entangled in everything we used to be

From my own point of view
You left me empty-handed
Out of sight, out of mind
And when the weight is too heavy
You'll sink straight through the floor
Pass up the chance to sleep
Dwell on all the things you can't keep

Maybe I'll be fine
Yeah this time
Maybe I'll be fine

I hope you rot away and eventually decay
I should forgive and forget but I'll always regret
Everything I did for you
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Songwriters: Alexander Olsson, Fredric Andersson, Gustav Eriksson, Jacob Devinder, Leon Ekelund

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