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Good Luck Next Year Lyrics

Abandoned By Bears – Good Luck Next Year Lyrics

I've been blanking out
Over simple situations
No matter what it takes
I need to gain some confidence
And the hardest part is trying to
Keep up with everyone else
I'll bite my tongue and keep on thinking

I've got to get back on my feet
Before I sink too deep
And I developed a distaste
For everything surrounding me

And I won't ever come back again
No, I'll never set my foot here again
I need to catch my breath every single time

I didn't know that everything get's harder
All this time I wasted getting nowhere
There is something more to this I'm sure
And I can't deny the truth anymore

Brace yourself, here comes the truth
Say it like you all do, just fake it like you mean it
Every action brings a consequence
Now I'll just leave you with that

That I would dig myself deeper down this empty hole
And eventually you'll see that there is things you can't control

But I couldn't care less
What you do or what you think
Good luck next year
I'll make sure I won't be here

While everybody else is fast paced
I'm stuck here clenching my teeth again

And my patience is wearing thin
I can feel my bones cave from within
And I can't seem to come to terms with the fact that I'm just good for nothing

How did I end up here?
I could do better, I could do so much better
Where do I go from here?
I could do better, I could do so much better

Still I don't know what's keeping me from running away from here
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Songwriters: Alexander Olsson, Fredric Andersson, Gustav Eriksson, Jacob Devinder, Leon Ekelund

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