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Mine Is Mine Lyrics

Aaron Salem – Mine Is Mine Lyrics

Mine is mine I aint really gotta say it, Mine is mine I aint really gotta say it boy, Mine is mine I aint really gotta say it, Mine is mine better back the hell up boy

I don't really give a damn I think it's best you know,
You aint sweepin up no woman man you sweepin up the floor,
Plus the sex just aint progressin so I told her let me know,
She'll progressively get wet, if she listens to my flow, get it?.HA.
I do what I can do,
Money is just money less that money comes with fans too,
I don't wanna kick it homie that's just what the cans do and I don't need a reason I just do it cause I can dude.

See, your words twisting like a wrench kid,
How you say you balling if you sitting on the bench kid?
You that type of kid who always bragging he got something but we all know if you bragging then you probably got nothing UGH,
Had to write my lyrics undercooked like they were raw,
See my strength is not me rising it's me rising when I fall,
If it's mine then it's mine that's the truth I always kill see the truth is like some tits it's just better to keep it real ha!

Mine is mine and I'm just hoping that you get it your relationship aint working out that's why your girl don't sweat it I just cut her open on the table like I was a medic and the punchline to that punchline is that I am not a medic you feels?
HA I get the picture where the frame at?
You can wander with me but can't wander past my train tracks,
I've just always kept it real and used some tricks I've learned,
I'm just doing me while doing her and getting what I've earned cause...
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