The hidden rooms inside the heart, that keep the things I've broken
The Silence of a guilty soul that leaves our fears unspoken
You are no stranger here, so You hold them

All things, all things are in Your hands, bright and beautiful
Wise and wonderful, all things are in Your hands

The longing in an orphan's smile, the beauty of the beggar's reach
The road You paved with blood and tears is where You are calling us to be
There are no strangers here, Father show us

No life, no death could keep You away, could keep You away
No light, no depth could keep You away, could keep You away
No sin, no pain could keep You away, You away
No doubt, no shame could keep us away from Love
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All Things Lyrics

Aaron Gillespie – All Things Lyrics

Songwriters: AARON GILLESPIE, SARAH HART (22088)

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