Verse 1:

Part of me wants to thank you
For reaching me, teaching me what love can be.
Part of me wants to say to you,
"I don't want you to leave." (No)
Part of me wants to hold your hand
And give you the attention that you want from me.
All of me wants to love you for eternity.


I want your eyes, to look into 'em tell me how you feel.
I want your lips to kiss my face and tell me it's for real.
I want your voice to come and sing to me a lullaby,
I wanna hold your hand in mine.
I want your mind to think of me each day and every night.
I want your arms to be around me as I hold you tight.
I want your soul to live together, with, eternally.

I want you forever for me.

(Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah...)

Verse 2:

Part of me wants to hold you close
And never, ever, ever, ever let you go.
Part of me wants to dream of you
And never let you know (no).
Part of me wants to smell your hair
And feel your heart beating, baby, next to mine.
All of me wants to love you for all time.



I know that I have made you feel some pain
(I know that I have caused you pain)
Cause I come from a place that I don't want you to ever see, no.
But, baby if we can just stand the rain
(Stand the rain, baby)
You could really be with me for time and all eternity.


(Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah...)
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Forever For Me Lyrics

Aaron Edson – Forever For Me Lyrics

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