Before you fuck with me and judge me
Yo all need to look in the mirror and look at yourselves
You shouldn't insult me... You should be insulting yourselves
Look at the mirror man and see what a traitor you are
It's true that I didn't come to your birthday party
But I didn't try to steal your girlfriend
You did and that's not what I call a friend
I thought I was in love with a girl
You liked her... You used to tell her things 'bout me
Stuff that's not true, you fuckin backstabber
You double faced motherfucker,
You wanted her, that's what you were after
You should have won an oscar for best actor
You think I forgot everything
Fuck no, I haven't forgot a damn thing
And in my mind you still are
One day you come begging me
Like I did
Because what goes around comes around
You're a loser and I'm not
In the end I'm the one who should be crowned
And you're the coward who should be drowned


Now I know the lyrics don't make sense with the hook
But I don't give a fuck cause' the truth is coming out of my fuckin' mouth
I no longer wanna diss you cause' you're a motherfuckin waste of my time
I wanna spit some shit on things that have actually affected my life
I was with a girl I really loved
Not the one you tried to steal
I'm talkin' about the one whom really loved
In a million years, for you she wouldn't feel
With her, it was the real me
I always wanted someone who I could be with and actually be myself and the real me
I loved her so much that I couldn't imagine without her what my life would be
I was ready to give that girl the world
Who knew I'd be the one whose face becomes all dirt
I guess nice guys finish last
That's why we all keep treatin' girls like trash
Cause' when we do they come runnin at us like we're cash
And when we do treat em' right, booom crash!
So I guess this world is pretty fucked up
I really loved her, too bad I ran out of luck


Fuck all the friends who almost convinced me to leave 'er
Because in the end I was the one who left 'em
When their in my situation and their in love they don't open their fucken mouth
I hope that one day I'll sing this song to the world and sing it loud
Cause' these pricks just wanna judge me but I want em' to leave me be
In this world I just wanna be free
I have my haters and you have your haters, everybody has haters
You fuckin pricks almost put my dreams in tatters
I just want to be with the one I love
With my friends by my side, supporting my every move
Instead of judging me and act like they've got something to prove
I never left her, I always loved her and I have no regret
Even though she left me, we're no longer together and even though I'm upset
I always love her the same way I did a little while ago and I won't stop yet
She's the best thing that ever happened to me and I'm proud of that
Just leave me alone, I know what I want and I do what I want. Take that.

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Diss Em' Lyrics

Aaron Borg – Diss Em' Lyrics

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