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Well-Adjusted Lyrics

A Will Away – Well-Adjusted Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Time cannot move slower
In the place where I grew up
A city and it's people
Seeking comfort in their cups
And it isn't my business
But I can't shake the feeling
They're lying to themselves
Pay for the privilege of dying
Just like everybody else

[Verse 2]
This woman said she's from New Jersey
Sick from opiates and gin
Her hair tied around her rosary
Seeking refuge from her sins
And she says I should help her
With a little loose change
And by lending her my phone
But God damn if she doesn't remind me
The air is toxic back at home

[Verse 3]
So, take a minute
Are your plans still working?
Would you tell me if it all was worth it?
Are you where you want to go?
In control of your feelings at this time?
Still searching
For the things that make your heart stop hurting
Seeking comfort for your soul
Abandon all control
You're still a ways off
You're still a ways off
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