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Settling Lyrics

A Will Away – Settling Lyrics

I feel my skeleton
Scraping, and creaking, and settling
Twenty pounds hidden in my head again
Never seems normal
Trying to avoid their eyes

Lately I feel like I feel too much
And it’s a goddamn shame
That they’d keep me locked away

I took my medicine
And wouldn’t you know it?
I’m here again
For twenty-five dollars I’m a better man
Center-fold formal
“Why you acting so surprised?”
I know it’s been a while
You’ve spent your days living on a turnstyle
Hold them back with an out-of-body smile
Nothing seems normal
Trying to enjoy the ride

Lately I feel like I feel too much
And it’s a goddamn shame
‘Cause I’ve got a lot to say

Lately I feel like I’ve had enough
But I’m not settling
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