I breathe out as the cold wind catches my breathe
And I watch it flow away hoping that a part of me will touch you
Because I know you'll feel the difference in the air and you'll think about me
That's all I want from you
One memory, one blank stare, one anything
To get me through
To get me through
To get me through (to get me through)
I know we talked about it but the pain just wont go away
(wont go away)
Lend me your hand, help me
(help me)
Help me through this
I lay on black ash for you(for you)
I lay, I lay, I lay here for you(lay for you)
I lay on black ash, I lay for you (I lay for you)
For you (I lay for you)
Help me through(you)
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The Air We Breathe Lyrics

A True Story – The Air We Breathe Lyrics