take my place if you want and
take the sparks from my eye
take my joys and my wonder
and reveal all my lies
take my cares and my questions
and all my fears if you dare
adjust the time on my watch and
blow the candles for me
you could try to walk back
the way i walked with you
and erase all my steps
i don't know where the hell i'm going
and now the world seems just like it
stopped to turn around me
i just want to look for your glance
and looking over and over again till it makes you weep
another because turns into a why
another hello turns into a goodbye
another morning turns into a night
another promise turns into a lie
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Take My Place Lyrics

A Toys Orchestra – Take My Place Lyrics

Songwriters: Vincenzo Moretto
Take My Place lyrics © Ala Bianca Group, Ala Bianca Group O/B/O Supermota

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