Over a year I've tried so hard
To get back in time
Before we split in two different lives
I went up and down and up and down
But now I'm alright
Cuz now it feels like everything was meant to be this way
Slow down
How long has it been
I knew that sometime out of the blue
That you will find home again
Somehow I didn't lose my love for you
We can start off where we had to end
I'm not scared of any distance
Cuz I know that I'll be there
If I keep my way persistant
I'll end up with you I swear
Always trust your heart
It won't do you wrong
It won't cause you harm
It makes you stronger
And you won't regret a thing
If you Stop wondering
What love is for
It's the greatest thing
That you'll ever know
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Slow Down Lyrics

A Sunset Diary – Slow Down Lyrics