Do you need
Me at night
When you're warm
In your bed?
Do you see
What went wrong
When I look
In your eyes?
Now darling don't be worried
When you're sleeping on you're own tonight.

Don't wait 'cause you'll just waste your time.
You never listen to anything I have to say.
'Cause now I'm believing the things that I'm lying about tonight, babe.
'Cause in a heartbeat we change so fast
And now the stars are aligning and the moon is setting
And I will be the best damn constellation that is in your sky tonight.

Now darling, I am scared
And there's worry in the air.
But I'm not accusing anyone but myself.
But there's something that I
Gotta get off my chest.
So here it goes.

[Chorus:] 2x

(Do you see all these stars or do the still hurt your eyes?) 2x
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