If he possessed your sight,
Would it help him see the world,
For what it is?
If he felt your touch,
Would it make his sail unfurled,
So he can set out on this journey of his,

For he to be one of us,
He’d have to soak,
In a bath of pus,
So on a vessel he awoke,

For once in his life,
Out in the blue,
Away from the strife,
Silence becomes the loudest noise he’s ever heard,
When he strayed away from the herd,

When peace and quiet,
Is what he has learned,
To land,
He’ll never return,
He'll never come back,
To the selfish lot that is us,

What becomes of a man?
When he’s peaceful, loving,
And detached from all your touch,
Would that make him one of us?
Because he’ s nothing like us,
He’ll never take anything for granted,
And he’ll never return,
For his name is now Free,

And Free is who he shall stay,
For as long as he’s gone away,
Never to return to land,
All because the selfish lot led him astray,
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Selfish Lot Lyrics

A Raven Among Doves – Selfish Lot Lyrics