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The River Of Pain Lyrics

A Night In Texas – The River Of Pain Lyrics

All shall be purified
For I have the blood of Christ
And every human who inhaled the breath of life
Will spread a flood of red and suffocate the rest of their kind
Sinners bid your souls farewell, they're mine
Submerged in boiling blood and flame
Held beneath, their weakened lungs fill with the liquefied remains of their putrid race
Tell me wretches how does the seventh circle of hell taste?

Welcome to hell on earth
The blood of heretics shall feed the birth
Of Dis; the city of evil will rise
To punish these mortals for their lies
One by one forced through the gates
Brought before my wrath to consecrate
Complete control of all mortal fate
I stand above all of creation

They will suffer within my hands
To sustain my undead life I will bathe in the blood of every maggot infested usurper and traitor
Then drain their essence to further the pureness of my true form
The bodies are added to my throne
Hollow and soulless unable to die
From under their flesh more will grow
Forsaken to inhere in my mortuary
The woeful and vile are the foundations of my door to the Promised Land

This is the day subservience will cease to exist
When humanity calls what once was my name
I will not return to be their slave
No longer able to succumb to the story-telling of Man
The need for dependence is amiss
As the world’s deities lay to rest in the deepest graves
Humankind remains oblivious to the price paid
And the reason it must be this way
Focus on my voice for I will only say this once
Your weakness leads to desire for a higher source
You worship the Sun; transform it - believe and become numb
Always, you must follow this mindless herd into darkness
Never to find a way of your own, forever kneeling before material thrones

If you are to have any hope know the divine comes only from your mind
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