Teasing me with your flesh
Tempting me with a feeling (you will never know)
I want to own every single breath
I want to own, own you right now.

Cater to my obsessions
You cannot take me back
You will not change my mind
I fucking see it in your eyes
You’re not part of my kind

Where should I go now (go now)
Anywhere I go, I can’t seem to find my way

And now her voice still rumbles in my head
It's like a fucking prison you can't escape (you can't escape)
Day by day I pray and I get on my knees just to ask her one more simple thing
One more simple thing

Nothings ever made you change
You’ve always ignore those advices
Looking for a cure to this rage
These will be your final chance

Where should I go now, go now
Anywhere I go I can't seem to find my way
Where should I go now
Now after all, this will end and I'll be gone

(Now after all, be gone)
Who would’ve known
That this time
You'dbe in my life
Look in my eyes, there’s no need to hide
There's no need to lie


This is not the same!
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Dead And Gone Lyrics

A Moment To Capture – Dead And Gone Lyrics