Confused about where I am
Start of my night or is this the end
Confused about where I am
That's when the vision blurs and the sweat hits

This is the starting of the end
There's no time to pretend let the battle begin
Like soldier standing on the front line
I'm gonna make this right so that you won't forget
Waiting patiently for the signal
Here we go
Let the battle begin

Bottoms up
Take it off
Another straight to the head
Follow me to the end

Let's not forget what we started
Am I seeing double down a crowded hall
I can't remember what we said tonight
But it all remains the same

Can you believe what we started?
Intoxicating until we're drowning faster
Another hour until the sun goes down
But we all wake up the same

Pick it up just to put it down
Another shot and another round
Try to think but it turns to nothing
Understand I can't feel a thing
Responsible for all this
It's my life I have no shame

This is my life
Not just some fucking game
This is my life
Not just some fucking game
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Drowning Faster Lyrics

A Fight For Life – Drowning Faster Lyrics