For all the people that thought I will not survive,
I am myself and now the tide is rising high.
If you will bet for me then now it is your time.
I am the better man so you stay bitch and hide.

Burn in here
Broken mess
Letting fear
Kill the rest

How can you look me in the eyes
I hope you choke on your selfishness
And all these years and all these lies
Can't you see how pathetic you are.

Those two hands cover my face
Smothering my mind empty house of sorrow

Burn in here
Broken mess x2
Leting fear
Kill the rest

And all my demons that I fought are still here.
And I wont waste my time sitting here in fear. X2
If you're behind my back to stab me with the knife,
I'll turn around and fuck your useless stupid life!
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Bruised & Broken Lyrics

A Beautiful Lie – Bruised & Broken Lyrics

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