Sucked into the flow
Sinking down low
Going down slow

No future shocks, rocket shot stocks
Heavy rotations and layman's translations
Numbing repetition, channel switching is sedition
Quicken my pulse with some other something else

Buying mass appeal
Almost feels real
Pretty good deal

When I start using words like always and never
When normal is an excuse not to bother to change
Ignoring the stuff oozing out between the lines
That's when I know that I'm going down slow

Imitations turned real, such a good deal
Swimming in fakes, crocodile tear lakes
Culture chews its tail, coughs up another furball fad
Nostalgia slaves jump in freshly dug up graves

No danger in a while
Trade substance for style
Missing by a mile

Practiced deceptions and artists conceptions
Easy to look at??? Til it gets in your eye
So warm to the touch, resembles flesh so much
Easy to hear, just don't listen too close
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Going Down Slow Lyrics

76% Uncertain – Going Down Slow Lyrics