Elle Madison:
On Long Island
Surrounded by water
Never sleep cause on my grind
To bring this higher
The New World Order
Will never stop my day (x2)

Nassau County is where you can come to see me
Up Hempstead Turnpike is where I constantly Be
Or in the subway in Queens, Headed to Manhattan
On the way back hit the L.I.R.R.,
Then I'm back in the 516
You are in the 212, 718, way out in 631 (Suffolk County)
From the top of the Empire
All the way to Montauk
You can find that New York talk
Queens, Brooklyn the Bronx, Staten, and Manhattan,
And you thought I forgot about Strong Island
Never that
It couldn't happen without Hip-Hop
Underground Hip-Hop,
Got L-O-N-G-I-S-L-A-N-D on lock constantly
Cause you can find me (7 Profitz)
L-O-N-G I-S-L-A-N-D, L-O-N-G I-S-L-A-N-D, L-O-N-G I-S-L-A-N-D.

I'm from a place outside the city with picket fences and all
Where white kids go to hang out at the Smithaven Mall,
Port Jefferson, West Hempstead, and Huntington Station,
Many people from Long Island have been embraced by the nation
Rolling on the Southern State, Jones Beach in the summer
People bugging everywhere, rich cats driving Hummers
Got Terrace Ave it's hot, Hip-Hop, Main Street in Smithtown
We got the Cop Shop
7 Profitz it's not, less than a lot
And we starting at the bottom, but we reach for the top
Renamed Strong Island, for the peoples resilience
When Long Island makes a Track the outcome is brilliance
Long Island Newsday, Long Island Iced Tea, Long Island Expressway
Don't ride the HOV
And I'm writing this story to spread Knowledge I've grown
Signing off the 7 Profitz Long Island's own...
Long Island's Very Own
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On Long Island Lyrics

7 Profitz – On Long Island Lyrics