Straight up funk in your ear
If you really want it
It's over here [x2]

And yo it's mad funkiness and we be blowing up blough
Tell me what you want boo and I'm a do it now it's my turn da
Boss, baby, time to set it off be all up in your action with
Passion of course
Level with your mental, funk I get into
All of the things that you need to get into
Rock the set, straight up the concept cause we be going down,
Diggy diggy down
Diggy down check

I know that you want something from me (yeah)
Well I've got something I know you need
From the east to the west everybody get up now
(Get on up, Get on up)
Cos this here's a party and we gotta get on down
(Break it down, Break it down)


Ah yes you'll check me out rugged and raw
It's all I can stand and I can't stand no more
I'm bugging, renegade hooligan damn
5 bad boys got my back hear the plan
Never have you ever seen or never will you chec
A fly human being I'm as funky as it gets
So step back relax the wax is boom diggy
Watch the boys breaking it down city to city


Everybody's got to feel the heat slide on over here
Cos it's a party (Slide on over) from the east to the west
Everybody get up now (Get on up, Get on up)
Cos this here's a party and you gotta get on down
(Break it down, Break it down)


It's over just like a wack track you can't get with this
So you gotta get with that no doubt in my mind
The base so phatt baby let me bring it on wiggy wack

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Straight Up Funk Lyrics

5ive – Straight Up Funk Lyrics

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