I wish I knew every one there is
Then I would know exactly what to do
with this problem.
I'd say "Hey-Hey! Let's get together
All my friends.
Try try try and finally make amends"


Cheer up Peru cheer up Peru
Hello Brazil hello to you

I wish I was a brand new super-hero
I would chase away all this
unnecessary fear-o.
Fly high waving at all my friends
Saying "bye-bye" all you hard-core villains.

Chorus x 2

I wish I was just a little bit like you
I would know exactly what to do with my life
Tango; slow step slow-step quick,
quick, slow
Hang so no one could ever get my goat

Chorus x 2

Cheer up Peru cheer up Peru.

Written by Neil Osborne and 5440
Fifty-Four Forty Songs Inc./Sony-Atv Music Publishing Canada (Socan)
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Cheer Up Peru Lyrics

54-40 – Cheer Up Peru Lyrics