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Life Is Serious Lyrics

504 Boyz – Life Is Serious Lyrics

Chorus 2x's]
Life is serious out here on these streets
[Erica Foxx]
Got us curious but were just trying to eat

Why cry now inhale the pain is gone
I know it was your baby daddy I saw you kiss him
Get your life back together it's time to move
Hold up little boy screaming Jesus I miss him
Ain't nobody gonna treat you they way he did
Now you grab him and smile remember your man
He left you with biggest gift he made a kid
With no money for the baby never held a job
Even though the life you want it didn't go as plan
What you blushing I know you love my nigga
When the rent was due he always grab the chopper and ride
You was mad at the funeral seeing his hoes
In the casket at 22 he didn't figure
You chose to love my nigga that you met in the Ville
But he kept it real with you like an thug suppose
You gonna always love my dog even though he got killed

[Chorus 2x's]
Smile know Kendall I know you miss my nigga
[Master P]
Two kids to raise without an father figure
You and Bobby Phills always suppose to be together
And your youngest son screaming my daddy going to heaven
Cause my nigga had G and you know he could rise
And everytime you see ball make you wanna cry
From the ghetto to the palm trees
From the streets to the big league
We pour liquor caused he moved on
And at the funeral made jokes about his birthday
You she'd tears but you stayed strong

His last words was same time but a different place
[Chorus 2x's]
And a time I burn a cross
For the nigga I lost
One slug took the life of my young thug in cold blood
R.I.P. To every daddy on Ken D
I'm missing ya'll till this cold earth send me
Sippin a sprite
Breakin my life
Till I bed wrinkle
When the day turn night and just write
Dippin these hoes till I plant sequel
Running around with that desert eagle
I got a call from my uncle state
Like it was a bit legal
Said it will be a while for they let him out them gates
Drop the phone as the tears hit the tip of my ears
I'm gonna disappear if he gotta serve more years

[Chorus 2x's
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