I can see myself descending
Envision this life, so empty
So grim when i can't be used
Noose of abuse hangs high here
Through my life
Through my live you rape me
Time and time again
These walls i feel are closing in
Laugh with the freaky demons
Inside here
Laugh with the freaky demons
Paralyse control in your mind
Reaching insight
Razors down in my back
Blood thirst in my eyes
In my eyes you rape me time
And time again
These walls I feel are closing in
Break me down, take me away
Naked mind, body
Soul of decay
Insane heads grope me
Down to the floor, Sterilize
Embalming signs of retreat
I don't want it no more
I don't want it no more
What you know has canned the years that ive lived in
Your warnings too slow
I wouldn't pull it, ot call it another now show
I can't think no more
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Think Lyrics

40 Grit – Think Lyrics