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P-potion Lyrics

2Phace – P-potion Lyrics

(feat. Big Moe)

What's the deal? (Oooooh) it's the Trendsettas baby (trendsettas)
Knah I'm sayin everybody go fetch ya white cup (Ooohoooh)
Knah I'm sayin we finna make that uhhhh Promethazine Potion (potion)
it's ya boy 2Phace down with that boy Noke D (Noke D), Wreckshop Family
M-O-E (M-O-E) Oooohoooooh

[Hook: Big Moe]
Let the potion take your mind (take your mind)
just keep sippin and you will find (you will find)
we're gonna fly away, and let's hit the highway (highway)
I love sippin promethazine potion

[Verse 1 - 2Phace]
Every since I took my first sip I been gone in the wind
now my thoughts have destined by codiene that flow through my pen
I'm tryna catch my super groove, Uh A-Town's at the beach bash
boys see my white cup (hey man) they wanna cut from the drank stash
I don't parlay with Tangeray or Alize
I'm a head straight from the Boot shape to the Lone Star state
great grape my choice of taste all playas don't sip alike
some Barre kiss in a Sun Kist or see how dark we can make Sprite (Ooooooh)
keep ya mind right, set ya own dreams with your own lean
fire endo sweets plus them pills done kicked in
don't fix ya lips to sip if you ain't ready to chunk some change
things will never be the same (Maaan) cause the drank done changed the game
and the Coupe (What) Wide frame, third coast keep showin up
playa composure from exposure so I keep on pourin up
my white cup it's all frosty lovin the way it do me
fall straight to the land of rules, and I be fiendin just like doobie so


[Verse 2: Big Moe]
I'm a sip a pint to the head like Maaan
out the southside, wave the trunk I took a zan
me and 2Phace we crawling up on drank, drank
you know we ain't sippin no punk drank we ain't gon' faint, faint
I'm sippin by the jug I'm rollin mean mug
I'm out the southside, Moe-yo I'm no scrub
I take it to life now, I'm a smoke fry
I feel so good on my 24 hour high
I'm a drank my lean as I crawl down with screens
it's Moe-yo I'm popped up on the scene
me and that 2Phace sippin skeet chase
it's Moe-yo out the south gotta drank like maaaaaaaan
you know we be drankin barre by the daily basis
yeeaaaaa, Ooooooh, Ooooh yeaaaa, yeeeaaa, yeeaaaa


[Break down: Big Moe]
Sippin what's made for us-drank is for players (players)
I love sippin promethazine potion.......

[Verse 3: 2Phace]
Take a trip with me but you can't be scared of floatin
a potion with a notion to have ya nose wide open (Aaaaah)
can you imagine livin lavish with a beach full of women
the whole ocean full of codiene we in it buck naked swimmin
and your chest full of no plex no less drank is the best
and you even get a little rest when you comin down off X
that Caro that's a no no
so if you have that better get back
before I let my boy Moe put you in a choke hold
Mr.2Phace sippin alot with the Wreckshop Family
we done clicked up a hundred deep and we done all each sipped a PT
from the city of syrup, pour up with 2 city guzzlers
we get buck on a pint bottle like a cow when it (ruckles?)
they keep telling me it's gon kill me but this shit ain't harmin me
my in take it ain't for free, knock off a pharmacy
it's[???] from chug-a-lug syrup
that's enough with all that chit chat y'all workin my nerves so just...

[Chorus: repeat 'til end]
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