Tell me where you from
Can a brother come?
She's just glowing like the moon
Hot like the sun
18 years young all up in my square
Never thought that love could touch a young player
Caught baby strollin'
During that time I was ballin', rolling
Having everything money foldin'
Women at the dozens, it never meant nothing
Then you came along showed me spiritual loving
And we became one then you gave me two
No more stress for me cause I'm high on you
Some don't have a clue on how well we do
I hope you feeling me baby
Cause I'm truly feeling you
Smooth like ?
Fly, believe me
When the dogg came out you still didn't leave me
Together you and I through life we gonna win
Cause I looked to your side and found a friend

Your my princess growing stronger
And I love to do the things that make you smile
Your my princess growing stronger and I want to see that I hold you for a while
(your my everything)

Listen lovechild you ain't gotta do those things
That you continue to do
Just trying to get my attention
To get me close to you
Now I could tell just as well as you can (love you)
I just want to feel the touch
Of your love in my hands
I'm exercising my plan
Letting my thoughts expand to the physical
A little bit but not too much
But just enough to where the blood starts to rush
Tingling hot now when there's so little words
I'm just trying to pick that lock
To reveal your mysteries
From your past centuries to now
True love and heart give and take a bow from
Mothers, wives, daughters lovers and others
Its hard to show these days how you really love us
Brothers treat em like dirt they respond with hurt
Showing you care and love em
Brings the coming of a women

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Princess Lyrics

2nd II None – Princess Lyrics